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Hi there !

Starting from 10/10/2003 We have closed traditional tgp-post because every day we receive great amount of shit (i mean consoles, redirects, dialer crap and etc)

now we accept the galleries only from our *trusted* webmasters
benefits: *all* your galleries will be 100% posted!

below few easy steps of "How to obtain this trusted status?" ;-)

1) read our gallery post rules (main: we will not accept ZOO/MATURE/FAT/RAPE/BESTI and a MOVIES)
2) prepare the list of all galleries you want to post
(you must have at least of 20 galleries to become a partner
the logo with recip link on your choice, but we like it! :)
3) make some html like :
4) send me your URL !

thats all !

all galleries from this URL will be reviewed and posted. but since its sorted by popularity
only some of it will receive great amount of traffic. so .. if you have *good* galleries
... you'll have a heap of traffic. old ugly sluts will not make you happy .. at all :)

for example : #1 gallery of the day - receiving about 85-90K/day , #135 - only 3-4K (may be less)
its like ... `as much good galleries i have - as much my chances to get $$$ from my work`

if you need to post NEW galleries - np , just add it to the URL that you sent me
(please keep old galleries too!) and it will be re-checked again and new galleries
will be posted automatically. (no need to send me any notification about changes!!!)

(!) if you want to stop some of your galleries from post - just delete it from your URL.
(!) if you want to close your partnership account - just delete your URL

i hope it will make your work much easier and productive than before !

please send your URLs to newpartner [at]
we'll confirm your trusted status within 2-3 days

we check all posted galleries twice a day , so if any cheat (consoles, redirects ..etc)
will be detected your partner account will be closed and *all* your URLs will be permanently
blacklisted around the World.

feel free to send me all your questions , comments or suggestions
my email : webmaster [at]




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